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Do you have “ROUNDED SHOULDERS”? Or struggle with “FORWARD HEAD POSTURE”? Well, you’re not alone.

Feel like you always have to remind yourself to SIT UP STRAIGHT…STAND TALL…or worse yet…you’re constantly PULLING YOUR SHOULDERS BACK in order to fix them?

Tried of trying? I bet:) So STOP! ✋

Why? Because these common fixes are COUNTER PRODUCTIVE.

💥That’s right! Because here’s the TRUTH... The real reason is not laziness or phone use. Surprisingly, it’s the need to keep our airway open! And it’s actually an efficient breathing strategy.

Now, the science demonstrates that when we jut our heads forward, it does open up our airway…but at a cost!

It actually biases MOUTH BREATHING…which has its negative health effects:

-Impaired diaphragm

-Reduced lung volume

-limited neck and jaw mobility

(Cupples, 2023)

BIG TAKEAWAY: The KEY is to improve airway and rib cage dynamics.

To be more upright, the rib cage needs to be able to change shape. (Cupples, 2023)

And the move I have for you today can help. It will help make nasal breathing occur more easily and improve the front side mobility of the rib cage.

Here’s what you’re gonna need:

-Clear/Comfortable space

-2 AIREX pads/3 Pillows

Here’s what you’re gonna do:

-Place 2 thick (AIREX) pads or 3 pillows under your lower ribs and stomach

-Lie down on these pads.

-Arms bent (2 versions):

1) Hands stacked on top of one another under your forehead

2) Hands overhead. Look up at your thumbs GENTLY, without forcing your head up.

-Both versions have your elbow crease in-line with your eyes




💡Try getting HEAVIER through the INNER ELBOW POINTS and LOWER RIBS!

✔️ Perform: 5 sets x 5 breaths/2x DAILY

🔑 Practice version #1 for 2-4 weeks…or LONGER…before moving on to the more advanced version #2.

As always…I want you to notice how you feel afterwards:)

Dedicated to your health and longevity,


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