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Recently, I’ve been asked about sitting for long periods of time and how terrible it feels once you get up and start moving around again. I totally understand. Happens to me if I’m sitting still and don’t move for any period of time.

Here’s the deal. What I’ve learned over the years is that in our attempt to “sit up straight”, which I USED TO PREACH btw…is actually doing us more harm than good. How’s that possible? Well, I’m glad you asked:)

Sitting up straight for long periods of time, irrespective of our position, has numerous deleterious effects on the shape of our structure…think rib cage, spine, and pelvis… thus, the muscles of our lower and upper backside respond by shortening and stiffening. Doesn’t feel good.


Once again, it’s all about our structure, which is designed to change shape…so our muscles can expand and contract appropriately.

In the gym, our focus is on manipulating our structure, based on our biases and limitations…so our muscles, in turn, respond by getting stronger and more pliable.

Outside the gym…we’re not designed to be still for long periods of time…we’re designed to move.

With that said, what I have for you today are a few strategies you can incorporate immediately to start moving smarter and feeling better throughout the day.

Here’s what you’re gonna do:

-Sit in a high seated manner (Hips above your knees). Your whole foot on the floor.

-Try moving between these positions as often as possible throughout your day.

-Take 5 NASAL breaths in each position as you do your thing, then change your position.

-Repeat as often as possible.

1) Slouch

2) Tall

3) Knelling Escalator

4) Standing (Knees UNLOCKED)

-Right foot forward

-Left foot forward

Play with each position…notice what feels good…and what doesn’t. We’re all different and every day we change.

And, of course…don’t forget to walk around as often as possible as well:)

Notice how you move and feel towards the end of your day. Is it any different than normal?

Dedicated to your health and longevity,


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