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Rolling exercises are playing a “MAJOR ROLL”…pardon the pun, in my training repertoire these days…for myself and clients alike.


Why? Because if you’re someone who is just TENSE all over…you’re probably spending most of your time in “fight or flight” mode…whether you realize it or not.


I’ve found that this movement combination is a great way to not only reduce overall body tension, but also helps to regain some motion in our bodies, we all so desire…especially as we age.

It’s a movement practice that gives our brain and body a feeling of SAFETY. 


We feel safe on the ground…rolling…thus we can let our guard down so our bodies and brains can just RELAX.


I’m having A LOT of success with this combination lately. Check it out!


Here’s what you’re gonna need: 

-Clear/Comfortable space.

-Something for your head/neck

-Foam Roller  

Check out my video below. 🔊 Sound ON!

1) Foam Rolling:

-Lie on your SIDE. Head/Neck comfortable

-Place your TOP LEG on the roller, with your knee below your hip as demonstrated

-Place your TOP ARM along your side as demonstrated

-UNDERSIDE LEG is straight as demonstrated 

-UNDERSIDE ARM positioned as demonstrated…elbow bent…below your shoulder

-NASAL ONLY breathing as you roll 🌬️FULL MOUTH EXHALE at the start to get rid of some stale air

Be your BEST LAZY SELF when performing this roll. It should be EFFORTLESS.

Maintain your best line…NOSE, CHEST, and ZIPPER-Repeat: 20-25x/side


2) Sidelying Squish:

-UNDERSIDE LEG/ARM: below your hip and shoulder as demonstrated 

-TOP LEG/ARM: roll your whole body forward like a log to help get into position

💡You’re gonna WEIGHT BEAR on 2 points (3/4 pressure out of 10)


-Hold this position as demonstrated and breathe:

🫁 Quiet NASAL INHALE- SOFT OPEN MOUTH EXHALE -Practice: 10-15 breaths/side


Notice how you move and feel afterward. Any difference at all?

Practice DAILY as part of your everyday movement routine and enjoy feeling better afterward!

Dedicated to your health and longevity,


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