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Longevity Smart Moves: Strength Recovery Circuit

Recovery is a MUST no matter what your health and fitness goals are.

Training…exercise…daily activity…and don’t forget AGE:)…will break our bodies down.

For LONG TERM results, we need to focus on the BASICS of good health…nutrition, sleep, and of course our training approach.

CONSISTENT effort is the MOST important quality that determines whether or not we reach our goals…physical autonomy or sports performance.

Prioritizing recovery is the KEY to staying consistent long-term…because injuries and burnout are common obstacles to moving and feeling better.

Lastly, have realistic expectations of yourself that match the realities of your body.

Doing a “realistic” amount of work (training), only contributes to the body’s natural recovery ability. And SMART strength training only strengthens our recovery ability.

Here’s a simple formula for Self-Care:

- Too much stress = we break down

- Too little stress = we don’t improve

So, with the right amount of stress, we’ll grow and benefit from the experience. And equally important, we’ll be able to stay consistent with our efforts.

BOTTOM LINE: Don’t overdo or over-complicate things…be specific and efficient.

Here’s a simple, effective, easy-to-do Strength Recovery Session for you.


- Comfortable/Clear space

- Something for head/neck

- 1-2 books

- Timer

What’s your body type like?

BREATHE like this: 🤸‍♂️ Loosey-Goosey: LONG Sighing exhale (fogging a glass)

🏋️ Super-Tight: Pursed Lip exhale (blowing out birthday candles)

Moving well means maintaining a “STACKED” position…head, over shoulders, over hips. If you haven’t moved in a while or are new to it, start here: Daily Practice for YOU 👉

Let’s Move! Repeat circuit for 1 rd. Practice 2-3x/weekly or as necessary!

1) Pelvic Rolls: - EFFORTLESS! Feel like you’re doing NOTHING:) - Lie on your RIGHT SIDE only. Head/neck comfortable. Arms comfortable. Legs stacked. - NASAL ONLY breathing! - SUBTLY ROLL your left side hip back/forth (Make it as SMALL as possible) - Repeat for 2min. 2) Drunken Turtle: - Sitting position (weight back on butt bones without slouching) - Feet flexed. Dig heels into the ground. Will help you tuck:) - FULL MOUTH EXHALE and grasp lower leg as demonstrated - MOUTH INHALE: rock towards your head - MOUTH EXHALE: rock towards your feet - 12x/each direction 3) Cat/Cow: - EFFORTLESS! Should feel like you’re doing NOTHING:) - Feet relaxed. Knees below hips. Hands below shoulders. - SUBTLE TUCK of your hips - FULL MOUTH EXHALE (Push the ground away with arms): GET ABS! - FULL INHALE: reach spine towards the ceiling (NO TENSION!) - FULL MOUTH EXHALE: allow your spine to RELAX DOWN towards the ground. - 12x/each direction 4) Inverted Toe Touch: Feet flexed. Knees below hips. Hands below shoulders. - SUBTLE TUCK of your hips - FULL MOUTH EXHALE (Push the ground away with arms): GET ABS! - FULL INHALE: Invert and reach the opposite arm to opposite foot (look at your feet) - FULL MOUTH EXHALE: return to starting position (knees hovering above ground) - Repeat: 6 reps/each side 5) TT to Squat: - Heels elevated - FULL MOUTH EXHALE: Toe touch (knees straight/NOT LOCKED!) - INHALE: squat (comfortably low) - Stand up (hips first!) - 6-8 reps

Try it and notice how your body responds…or doesn’t for that matter. Lmk how it goes!

Dedicated to your health and longevity, Mike

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